Relaxing, indulgent massage – the ultimate pamper!

Back, Neck, Shoulder 

Relieves tension commonly caused by overstressed muscles, poor posture and stress

Indian Head

Pressure points in the head promoting ultimate relaxation and tension relief ​​​​​​​


Indulgent massage for expectant mothers targeting stressed, tired muscles and reducing
water retention/swelling by encouraging lymphatic drainage and improving circulation


Ancient treatment focusing on nerves located in the feet which treat and relieve the whole
body of tension. Pressure points are targeted to re-establish balance and healing blood flow, relieving stress and restoring harmony to the whole body

Detox Wraps

Pampering body wraps and scrubs aimed at improving circulation, targeting cellulite, acne,
restoring moisture, improving the appearance of scarring, exfoliating and detoxifying:

Coffee Wrap


Coffee grounds contain antioxidants which increases the production of collagen, promoting
skin rejuvenation. The caffeine increases blood flow, reducing the appearance of cellulite
and giving your skin a more even tone

Coconut Wrap

Coconut and citrus infused wrap targets inflammation caused by breakouts while adding
moisture. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which counteracts the ageing process

Green Wrap

A concoction of green tea and olive oil with coarse salt aids in expelling toxins, adding
moisturize and nourishment to the skin, leaving your body feeling completely renewed


60 Min  R 500

90 Min  R 650


30 Min  R 300

45 Min  R 350

30 Min  R 200

60 Min  R 550

​​​​​​​30 Min  R 350

60 Min  R 400

60 Min  R 450

60 Min  R 450

60 Min  R 450

​​​​​​​60 Min  R 450